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About us

About Us

Japan’s crisis has been evolving since 3/11 into the world’s own crisis. A period of great energy instability with the prospect of nuclear plants in limbo for years to come. A national debt spiraling relentlessly upwards. The population bust and its sapping economic and social impacts. An administration mired in political immobility and a crisis of governability. The country’s essential withdrawal from the international stage. In combination, such prevailing elements threaten to undermine Japan’s capacity and its will as a stabilizer in the Asia Pacific – in which role the country has hitherto contributed critically to regional strengthening. Rebuilding Japan extends beyond national concerns. It is indispensable to peace and stability in the Asia Pacific and beyond, with resounding global implications. Faced with the reality of this predicament and the urgent need to address the challenges that hinder progress, the Rebuild Japan Initiative Foundation will set the following agenda moving forward:

1. A critical review of the crisis

  • To analyze the essence of the crisis and map out the prescriptions for effective recovery and growth.
  • To explore the frontiers for rebuilding by reorienting Japan toward a truly global perspective.

2. Upholding the liberal international order in the Asia Pacific

  • To explore Japan’s role in the peace and stability of the Asia Pacific.
  • To redefine Japan’s role in the world toward meaningful engagement so as to reconstruct the liberal international order to which Japan has contributed.

3. Toward a new generation of leaders

  • To discover, network among, and harness the next generation of leaders in Japan.
  • To build new platforms and media to facilitate the deepening of contacts and dialogues with emerging leaders globally.